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Our laboratory staff understands the principles of modern collections management. Proper collections management includes:

  • Database inventories
  • Archival document management
  • Artifact stabilization and storage

Brockington has devised a complete system for handling artifacts and other materials temporarily held by the company. We follow curation guidelines developed for federal collections by the National Park Service according to 36 CFR 79, and incorporate those of the Society for American Archaeology and the Society for Historical Archaeology.

Collections management for Independence Park.

Independence Park Cataloging

Brockington was contracted by the National Park Service to produce standardized museum catalog records for archaeological specimens from Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, which preserves many important sites surrounding the nation's founding history. Ultimately Brockington staff cataloged 40,000 specimens.  More »

Our staff has acquired significant expertise in the detailed management of databases, documents, and artifacts through education, attending seminars and training workshops, and years of experience.

Typical laboratory tasks include cleaning and identification of all recovered artifacts. Sufficient analyses of the artifacts are conducted to determine the age, cultural affiliation, and possible function of any archaeological sites identified. These data are necessary to provide adequate information for NRHP eligibility recommendations for the archaeological sites our staff has identified in the field.

Additionally, we conduct conservation and stabilization of heavily oxidized iron objects through electrolysis. For especially fragile items, we work with a national network of specialists.

Processing of artifacts include preparation for curation (along with all relevant project data) in accordance with both state and federal curation standards. Following processing and analysis, artifacts will be deposited a facility that meets the standards defined in 36 CFR Part 79 (Curation of Federally-Owned and Administered Archeological Collections; Final Rule).

Working With Archaeological Heritage Collections

Working with archaeological collections from the 1960s and 1970s has helped us develop effective systems for rehabilitating older collections. Our staff has rehabilitated several thousand cubic feet of artifacts and documents for several federal agencies as well as private clients. These collections are stored at facilities such as museums and university anthropology departments with collection standards that have not been updated over the years or since initial collection.

Our tasks include:

  • Preparing all related records for archival storage
  • Preparing copies for off-site storage in case of catastrophic damage to the originals
  • Preparing specialized archival storage for fragile artifacts

For information on Collections management, please contact Eric Poplin at