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With 27 years of experience studying history, archaeology, and architecture throughout the U.S. and abroad, we provide top-level professional historical research. We’re also expert storytellers: just look at any of our award-winning exhibits, education programs, books, and videos.

Now we are able to bring our professional expertise to your story. We can help you create a book or video (or many other products!) for your company, your organization, or even your family. We’ve worked with all kinds of groups, from families, to corporations, to large government organizations. We’re ready to help you tell your story.

The Building of a Worthy Post: A History of Fort McPherson

Fort McPherson

After the Civil War, the federal government established a temporary summer camp near Atlanta for troops assigned to Florida. This popular camp became permanent Fort McPherson in 1885. In 1974, the original buildings were nominated to the National Register of Historic Places as the Old Post and Staff Row Historic District.

In 2011, Brockington and Associates revised the original district nomination and developed design guidelines for any future renovations to the buildings. The History Workshop produced a public history booklet, The Building of a Worthy Post: A History of Fort McPherson, to tell the story of the Army post from 1885 and until it was closed in 2011.

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How Does It Work?

First, our historians will work with you to gather your stories. We build on what you know. We do this in many ways: sometimes, we just need to talk with you. We also do research in libraries and archives, record oral histories and work with you to gather images to make your book or video come to life.

Then our team of interpretive writers, designers, and video producers works together to create a finished product that’s designed just for your needs. For books, we can make any style, from gorgeous coffee-table books to paperbacks to more formal reports.

We make full documentary videos of any length, and we also record oral history interviews for posterity, either on video or on audio only – it’s your choice!

We can produce any number of copies of your book or video, from just a few to thousands. We can also create a web store where you may order additional copies of books on-demand.

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