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Brockington and Associates has the expertise and experience to produce a complete and accurate administrative history for your organization. For more than a decade, Brockington historians have produced administrative histories for numerous agencies and corporations.

Our historians are experienced in developing well-balanced, thoughtful, and thorough analysis. Our team of historians and architectural historians are versed in working with archival documents, electronic materials, and conducting interviews. They have the know-how to develop thorough narratives from complex source materials, and can coordinate the tasks required to properly tell your organization’s story.

Mobile project

Mobile District History

In 2003, the US Army Corps of Engineers hired Brockington to prepare a history of the Mobile District from 1985 to 2004. A series of oral history interviews with members of the District were conducted in order to obtain a historical evaluation of the successes and failures of District policies and work since the mid-1980s.  More »

Because we are developing a product that reflects a customer’s organization, we encourage them to be actively involved throughout the project. This may include developing a historical review committee composed of key personnel or assisting our staff in locating former employees for interviews. Histories will vary in terms of length, scope and focus, and they may be tailored to a particular audience. In our experience, the best histories are those in which the agency or organization views the process as a team effort with our historians.

Whatever the regulatory trigger, our histories can help you meet statutory needs while preserving your organization’s story. Brockington historians have completed an array of administrative or narrative histories to assist federal clients to meet their agency’s requirements or to document a specific program. Examples include histories for the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville. One document produced for the Huntsville Center included an analysis of the Captured Enemy Ammunition (CEA) and Coalition Munitions Clearance (CMC) Programs conducted in Iraq from 2003-2008.

Administrative histories can also be used as a creative way to mitigate adverse effects to historic properties as part of the Section 106 (NHPA) process. For example, the Nichols Industrial Complex at the Anniston Army Depot in Alabama was recommended as an eligible historic district during an architectural inventory. The individual buildings were not significant, but as the “Tank Rebuild Center of the Free World,” the complex as a whole has played a vital role in our national defense since World War II. As mitigation, Brockington prepared a history of the program, titled From Shermans to Strykers.

Histories prepared for the USACE, Mobile District:

U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville:

A History of the South Atlantic Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1945-2011

Serving the Southeast: A History of the Southeastern Power Administration

Promoting Legacies

When we complete your project, it doesn’t have to just sit on a shelf. Brockington’s exhibits and education division, the History Workshop, can produce award-winning books, exhibits, brochures, Web sites and educational programs from your organization’s history. Let us think of ways to help you promote your organization’s legacy to your employees, clients and the general public.

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