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Brockington and Associates has over two decades of experience working with energy and utility companies to help them navigate complex regulatory environments. Whether your business is power generation, natural gas, transmission lines or pipelines, our team of cultural resource consultants can help your company achieve its goals.

Brockington’s RPA-certified archaeologists, historians, and preservation planners guide our customers as they work through federal, state, and local laws designed to protect cultural resources and historic sites during all phases of domestic pipeline projects, including siting, construction, maintenance, and upgrade. Our expert staff works together with clients to both locate and inventory cultural resources within project corridors, and help develop means to avoid or mitigate effects to these historic properties.

Colonial Pipeline project.

Colonial Pipeline Survey

When the Colonial Pipeline Company sought to increase its petroleum pipeline capacity between Baton Rouge and Atlanta, Brockington was contracted to conduct cultural resources survey of the Alabama and Georgia portions of the corridor. Our work included detailed safety and quality control planning for multiple survey crews, and we were able to meet the aggressive schedule needs.  More »

Meeting Regulatory Needs

We realize that the interplay of state and federal regulatory agencies and the public can present challenges to energy companies looking to expand their capacity. Strong working relationships with numerous State Historic Preservation Officers and federal permitting agencies allow us to save our clients time and money. We can draft agreement documents that please multiple stakeholders and facilitate licensing and relicensing processes. We provide fast, professional service through a staff of archaeologists and historians that have formal training and extensive on-the-job experience with NEPA and Section 106, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Nationwide Wetlands permits, to name just a few.

Safety and Professionalism

Our field crews meet or exceed all state and federal safety standards and also meet our clients' rigorous safety policies. Safety plans, including the appropriate training, are developed based on project-specific client needs and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment worn at all times. We keep meticulous records to give our clients piece of mind for future regulatory needs. Our past experiences can help us bring new efficiencies to light. With the high profile nature of many energy projects, it pays to be careful.


Since the creation of the firm in 1986, Brockington has completed more than 3,400 projects, including numerous LNG, oil, nitrogen, and water pipelines as well as electrical transmission lines. We maintain regular industry contacts and partnerships. As active Associate members of Southern Gas Association, for example, we stay informed of current trends and challenges in the pipeline industry.

We provide full service cultural resource management for pipeline and utility services, including:

  • Archaeological Inventory and Site Assessment
  • Historical and Architectural Studies
  • Exhibits & Education
  • Tribal Consultation
  • GIS & Remote Sensing
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Emergency Services
  • Permit Planning
  • Cemetery Relocations

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