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Brockington’s military studies team, the Flank Company, is an interdisciplinary team of consultants who specialize in the study and management of military-related historic sites. We work closely with our clients to provide the information they need, and to make recommendations for preservation or mitigation, as necessary. Each of us has specialized research interests, and all of us truly enjoy working with military history.

We have developed specialized methods, including remote sensing techniques, to identify and understand military sites such as battlefields. We use these methods and work closely with numerous clients to identify, evaluate, and mitigate military sites across the United States, from the Revolutionary War through the Cold War.

San Jacinto military study

San Jacinto Battle Field

Brockington has been part of a team conducting battlefield landscape analysis for a new park visitor’s center within the San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Site. While research suggested that potential construction areas were very close to several key military features, we were able to recommend a construction footprint area outside the core battlefield areas.  More »

Military-related historic properties offer unique challenges in cultural resource management. Evaluating military resources requires a combination of archaeological skills and the ability to locate and investigate obscure archival documents. In addition, military resources often involve comprehensive evaluation within a complex political and social context. Our researchers are particularly suited to understand military sites and provide the appropriate interpretive context for a given project. That context is then used to assess and mitigate the potential adverse effects, including visual and auditory.

Once researched and evaluated in their historic context, we must determine the relative significance of military sites and make management recommendations. Sometimes proposed development will not physically affect these resources, but can cause visual, noise, or other non-physical impacts. Evaluation and mitigation of non-physical impacts are some of the most challenging issues in dealing with historic properties and landscapes.

While scholarly and scientific reporting of military sites is a primary focus, we recognize that military history is enormously popular with the general public. For their benefit we work closely with Brockington’s exhibits and education division, to create interpretive displays and panels, education curricula and programs, museum exhibits, websites, and produce documentary videos that highlight our nation’s unique military heritage.

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